What is TheftStop and how do I join?

How do I use the stencils?

The TheftStop stencils are easy to use. Self-adhesive, you simply attach to the machine you wish to mark and spray using the paint provided. Remove the stencil carefully and leave to dry.
The paint is fast drying and heat and oil resistant and once applied and allowed to dry, will provide a clear indication of your participation in the TheftStop scheme.

How does Theft Stop work?

Registering for TheftStop is easy and free. Simply sign up to obtain your unique Security ID. This unique number can be applied to your machinery using stencil and paint as well as using metal engraving.

Where should I mark my machinery?

TheftStop recommends both overt and covert marking. Overt marking using stencils should be marked as clearly and as visibly as possible. Covert marking using the metal stamping kit should be applied in hidden parts of the machines and vehicles.

Where will I purchase paint?

Paint suitable for stencilling is included in the stencil kit or can be purchased separately here.
TheftStop recommends that you use the paint supplied in the kit or another spray car paint suitable for application on metal that is long lasting, heat and oil resistant.

What should I do if a marked piece of machinery is stolen?

TheftStop is a theft prevention initiative. By obtaining your unique security ID, marking your machinery and displaying your farm gate sign, you reduce your risk of theft.
However, in the event that a theft takes place, we recommend that you inform the Garda Siochana that you have marked your machinery with your Security ID.
TheftStop also recommends that you take photographs of your marked machinery to assist with identification and retrieval.

How does the metal stamping kit work?

To use your TheftStop Metal Stamping Kit, remove the relevant numbers and letters according to the Security ID you have been allocated.
Identify a hidden area on your machine or vehicle to mark. Secure the metal stamp safely (e.g. in a vice grip) and hit firmly with a hammer once. Move onto your next letter/number until your Security ID has been marked onto your machine.

In partnership with An Garda Síochána

'An Garda Síochána fully supports initiatives that prevent, deter and reduce Farm related Crime. The Theft Stop initiative is another excellent example of effective Crime Prevention in Partnership, and An Garda Síochána look forward to again working with The Irish Farmers Association in tackling Rural Crime.' - Assistant Commissioner Jack Nolan